Good day, my friends and welcome to my site.


Photographing people is my passion; the joy of working with you, bringing out your  smile, helping you feel what an incredible person you are and at that moment of greatest connection, capturing that feeling in your portrait... that is why I'm here.  Helping you connect -- or reconnect -- with the awesomeness that is you while you're in front of my camera so you can share that feeling with whomever you choose.

Whether that's through a family portrait, or an environmental study while you immerse yourself in something you. Executive or actor headshots; a sweet day with you mate or capturing you victorious as you cross the finish line of your favorite passion. One small caveat, I do not jump out of airplanes :-)


Enjoy the images in our growing galleries, and if we spark your interest -- or your fancy -- let's talk about your project.


Kelvin has been photographing people professionally since 1988. He is a certified professional photographer and member of the Professional Photographers of America. He is past president of the Professional Photographers' Society of Central New York (PPSCNY) and the Professional Photographers' Society of New York State (PPSNYS). Kelvin has been a professional photographer since 1989 and practicing photography in Liverpool since 1993.